Girl on Girl with Danielle Harris

Finally a kick-ass show for kick-ass women. Danielle Harris gets up close and personal with her female guests, who make up the strongest, baddest and best women from their industries. From film-makers to actresses to athletes, join Danielle as she goes beyond the make up to find the women behind the glitz and glam.

Coming Soon!

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    So is this some sort of disgusting porn or something?

    How “geek”.

    • Juliette Wolfson

      Why cant the name be a double entendre? I think its a bit close minded to so quickly assume its crap or porn based on the name, the description clearly defines what it is. Can’t “geek” encapsulate a multitude of genres in and around pop culture? She’s a film star, in the horror genre and this is talking with female celebrities, I think its totally geek and rad!

      • Well said, Juliette!

      • Katey

        Well Done @juliettewolfson:disqus 🙂 expertly said.

    • Hi “aFriendlyAgenda”… Your agenda doesn’t seem so friendly. There is the description right up there ⬆ and it says nothing about porn – it’s just a simple play on words. As for “geek”, the show is hosted by Danielle Harris, a well known actress, especially in the horror genre, interviewing other female icons in the entertainment industry… It doesn’t get much geekier than that. We hope you enjoy!

    • Popcorn_Wizard

      that seems pretty closed-minded of you to say.

  • David Johnson

    When will the Clare Kramer Interview be shown???????

    • Danielle is currently on location, on her next film. As soon as she returns we start shooting again and the episodes that are already in the can will air. We hope you enjoy!

  • Mary

    I’m sure women aren’t the only ones looking forward to this…

    • Haha, exactly!

    • David Johnson

      Danielle has always been been a Amazing Outspoken Strong Woman & She has Clare Kramer on Her Pilot Episode. I’m There!!!!

      • She great… I can also tell you from an early viewing that it’s a great show!

      • Lauren B


  • IanAHood

    mmm mmmmm mmmm she looks good

  • Willie

    why hello Danielle

  • HalBDodgen

    wonder what kind of truth she’ll be uncovering in that outfit LOL

  • Depak Sharma

    I met Danielle 2 years ago at a convention and she was the nicest. I look forward to this!!

    • She is at that! Very sweet, very cool!

  • Steve James

    Any more news on when this will premiere?

    • Bryce Tucker

      She was asking for questions to ask her next guest on twitter the other day, so hopefully soon!

  • David Johnson

    Maybe a 2016 Premiere????????????

  • jleighr

    So it hasn’t premiered yet? Very confused, but I hope I get to see it or listen to it at some point.