The Kevin McCarthy Show

Film critic Kevin McCarthy travels the world and talks to the biggest movie stars and filmmakers about their newest films. From low budget projects like the Veronica Mars movie to mega-hits like Gravity and The Hunger Games, you can count on Kevin for insightful, energetic, passionate interviews.

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    • Missy Younts Lorant

      De Niro… that ought to be interesting! Going to watch now!

  • Timothy W Williams

    Talk about asking thought provoking questions..Very impressive.

  • Christopher D Wellborn

    This guy is probably the best interviewer around! He has a knack for getting celebs to be comfortable with him and open up. Good stuff!

  • Lee C Steel

    Really impressed with Kevin McCarthy.. great line of questioning.

  • Nancy A Roller

    I just watched about 6 of them… Kevin is really a great interviewer. Little addicted here.

  • Helen H Campbell

    Great Interviews! LOVE LOVE KEVIN!

  • Everett C Milligan

    Great interviews and discussions… Good job Kevin.

  • Jesus M Kilkenny

    I took my nephews here….. snuck in a beer and planned a nap. Boy, was I wrong. Kevin you rock.

  • Michael O Chafin

    Kevin is truly one of the best detailed entertainment interviewer I have come across in a long time. I’m pleased to have found him.