‘Sicario 2’ In Development With Blunt, Brolin, and Benicio Set to Return

By April 2, 2016

2015’s Sicario may not have been a juggernaut at the box office, but it earned enough critical praise (and a few Oscar noms) to be one of the year’s most notable releases. The story of an FBI agent (Emily Blunt) taking on the Mexican drug cartel was well-received by critics and fans alike, with Blount and co-star Benicio del Toro earning rave reviews for their performances. Many saw its omission from the Best Picture category to be one of the year’s bigger snubs. While it may not have felt like the kind of film that would warrant or need a sequel, according to THR that’s exactly what it’s getting. So…yay?

In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter, producers Molly Smith and Trent Luckinbill of Black Label Media confirmed that not only is the sequel on its way, but all three leads will return.

“We’re in full development with the studio. I just got a draft [of a script from writer Taylor Sheridan], and we’re really excited,” Smith said.

While Blunt’s Kate Macer was the main focus of the original, Sicario 2 will center around del Toro’s mysterious Alejandro. With the same screenwriter and principal actors on board, it’s presumed that director Denis Villeneuve will return as well.

Taylor’s a really great world-builder. He’s got that kind of modern Western voice, which is in vogue right now. And he did it again [with the sequel]. It’s a great big world. We can’t reveal the plot, but you’ll see [Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin] all come back. You have such a great character with Benicio, who was as dark as he was and still so loved. That character resonates so well with audiences. People want to know what happened to him, so it’s a perfect foray for us to explore. Obviously we would love it if Denis could [direct]. He’s a busy man, but he’s certainly part of the process with us right now.

Villaneuve is indeed a busy man, currently preparing to shoot Blade Runner 2 (which may or may not have just added Dave Bautista to the cast) this summer. No word yet on a potential release date for Sicario 2, but clearly everyone involved seems excited to get the ball rolling on a sequel. The ending of Sicario seemed a bit final, so it is surprising that the film is getting the sequel treatment. But in this day and age, if your film makes back twice its budget and is loved by critics, you can at least expect the studios to have a conversation. It’ll be interesting to see if Sicario 2 can deliver as intense and exciting a story as the original.

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  • David Johnson

    Good Movie, not sure if i thought Blunts character was a leading role, figured She was just a puppet to Brolin characters end game. But I’ll probably give a sequel a chance.

    • His character was great! I’m assuming she’ll be the tougher, less naive character in 2.

      • David Johnson

        I loved the original so I’ll probably go to the sequel, but like i said not sure about Her character after She would figure out they used Her letting it happen again. Have a relative in LE who tells everyone He works with to be careful if Feds want You on their task force.