Sike! Melissa McCarthy WILL Return For the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

By April 7, 2016

After announcing the series would be returning for a four, 90-minute part revival on Netflix, Gilmore Girls began announcing as many returning cast members as they possibly could it seemed like, including a number of the main characters and supporting characters. Even some of the Stars Hollow residents that only die-hard fans of the show would likely remember. There was one noticeable omission in Melissa McCarthy’s Sookie though, who had been confirmed to not be returning for the series due to scheduling issues.

Or so we thought, that is.

The actress announced today during her appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show, that she would be in fact returning to the revival series as the beloved character once again, following a recent conversation with creator Amy Sherman-Palladino that would allow the character to be included back in the series.

For a while, McCarthy had expressed disappointment in not being able to come back for the series’ revival, and considering how integral of a supporting role Sookie played not only in Lorelai’s life, but the show as a whole, it did seem like the revival might be feeling slightly lacking without an appearance from her, even if briefly.

More than any of the other stars in the series, McCarthy has gone on to have a movie star-like career over the past few years as a comedic powerhouse though, so the initial scheduling issue had seemed understandable. There’s no way of knowing how much of a role McCarthy will have in the new series considering how far into production the revival is at this point, but for right now – Gilmore Girls fans can rejoice! It looks like Sookie will be coming back after all.

The Gilmore Girls revival is currently in production at Netflix.

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