Simon Pegg Talks About ‘Star Trek Beyond’ and The Difference Between It and ‘Star Wars’

By May 23, 2016

Following the latest, much better trailer for the film as well as some even more comforting and chill-inducing footage shown Friday night on the Paramount lot, the hype and buzz surrounding this year’s Star Trek Beyond – from the fan community – seems to have transitioned over from being highly-skeptical to at the very least, hopefully optimistic.

A large amount of that has to due with Simon Pegg and Doug Jung’s writing on the film, as well as Justin Lin’s directing, which seem to put a much better focus on the characters and the tone of the Original Series than the first, motorcycle heavy trailer for the film even hinted at.

Now, while recently speaking with Collider as well, Pegg talked briefly about a highly-debated topic amongst the fan community, and that’s the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, and more specifically, how they look to separate the two properties from each other in this modern, special effects-heavy world we live in, and now that Star Wars has begun again:

“Yeah, I think it’s interesting when you look at the original Star Trek, because it is about an idealistic young farm boy who goes off to fight in outer space. There are similar beats in it. It’s no secret that J.J. was always more of a Star Wars fan. I think you just try to create a hybrid. You know, Star Wars is science fantasy, and Star Trek is science fiction, and they’re two different things. People often confuse Star Wars and Star Trek — and they’re not the same thing at all. It’s a bizarre and wonderful thing that you can be in Bad Robot now and hear Chewbacca in one room and someone talking about Spock in the other, but they are still very, very different things. I think what you have to maintain with Star Trek is that it’s rooted somewhere in our reality and our universe and in humanity. Star Wars is a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. The thing that makes that Star Trek kind of more science fantasy is that it does get — you know, there’s a lot of special effects and fighting. Star Trek could never really afford that in a way, which is why it had to concentrate on other aspects of production. We can do both now. So I think it’s kind of finding a way of having that really fun, spectacular event cinema but grounding it in kind of a — because explosions don’t mean a damn thing if you don’t care about who’s involved in the explosions. You can see the most incredible fireworks on a cinema screen, but if you don’t fundamentally care about the people who are in jeopardy, then they’re so unimpressive. You see it time and time again these days.”

Hearing Pegg’s point of view on this topic is interesting, considering that he’s now played roles in both modern iterations of the franchises, and has been heavily involved and vocal about his love for both as well over the past few years.

From what I’ve seen of the film as well, which is the new trailer as well as some scenes from around the beginning of the movie, I think I can say with some fair certainty that while the spectacle and space battles are there and are present, the focus in Beyond is clearly on the characters, which was exemplified even more so during a fantastic bar scene between Bones and Kirk, that I think will make Trek fans very happy when they see it played out in full later this summer.

Star Trek Beyond is set to hit theatres on July 22nd.

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    So wait the Trailer that was just released wasn’t the film that was shown at the event last Friday? What We Peon Ticket Buyers aren’t important enough to see those scenes??