Sly Stallone Abandons ‘Godforsaken’ Weeks Before Filming Starts

By November 28, 2016


Sylvester Stallone has dropped out of a film project just two weeks before it was scheduled to go in front of the cameras.

The three-time Oscar nominee parted ways with STX Entertainment over Godforsaken, the proposed action-thriller from director John Mickle. Filming was expected to  begin in Atlanta on Dec. 5, according to Deadline, but now the entire project has been put on hold with Stallone’s departure.

This one has to hurt as it was the mystery picture that Stallone boasted about during STX’s presentation at CinemaCon, coming off Stallone’s Oscar nomination for CreedStallone brought it to STX and worked on the script with the writer and Lawrence Grey, the producer through his Grey Matter banner.

It’s not clear what prompted Stallone to exit the production, and why so late in the process. However, Deadline reporter Mike Fleming Jr. notes the actor will continue to work with STX, which recently released filmed such as Bad Moms and James L. Brooks’ The Edge of Seventeen.

In Godforsaken, Stallone would have played an ex-con who feels he has to protect his family following the death of his son.

In the meantime, Stallone has plenty on his plate. He’s already finished filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, as well as providing a voice for the animated comedy Animal Crackers. Stallone also is getting ready to start filming Idol’s Eye with Rachel Weisz and Robert Pattinson from writer and director Olivier Assayas.

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