Sony Files For Patent on VR Glove

By February 28, 2016

Tech geek and gamers alike are going to flip over this.

Sony has filed a patent for a glove controller that would work in tandem with a VR device. The glove would interpret touching, grabbing, pressing buttons, and throwing objects. You know, all those things you do with your regular controller, but this would work with a natural feel within a VR environment (courtesy of Eurogamer).

Now my peripheral loving friends, before you all jump out of your seats it must be noted that patents are filed by hardware developers every day. Whether the product makes it past testing to market is anyone’s guess. The idea though of a touch based controller that works and feels right is a dream 30 years in the making.

What hardcore 30 something gamer can forget the horrid Nintendo Power Glove…

Power Glove fixed

The thought of being able to play Call of Duty while actually moving within a virtual environment is pretty damned cool. Could you imagine playing Fallout 4 and be able to stare down at your wrist at a PIP Boy?

The possibilities for this tech are limitless. So Nation… what do you think about this story? Does it have the potential to be something great, or is it another Power Glove?

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