‘Spectre’ Music Video Reveals New Footage From the Film

By October 5, 2015

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’re probably pretty familiar with Sam Smith’s theme song for the latest installment in the Bond franchise, Spectre, titled “Writing’s on the Wall”. After several weeks of teasing and promotion, the theme song was released recently and has seemed to divide fans of the franchise, both due to its lyrical differences from past Bond themes, and understated instrumentation.

Unlike most Bond themes, the song doesn’t ever get quite as bombastic or theatrical as some fans may have liked, but also provides hints at the film’s tone and story, that seems similar in vein to the gloomy and emotional story of Skyfall as well. While not much is known about the film still, the tone and look is almost identical to its predecessor, and while that’s expected considering director Sam Mendes has been at the helm of both, it also seems like Spectre and Skyfall are going to be two volumes of the same story, as both deal with themes of Bond’s past and the tragedies that have led him to being 007.

Today though, the official music video for “Writing’s On the Wall” has officially premiered online and features some new footage from the film that should provide some new context for fans regarding Bond’s romantic relationships in the movie. Check it out below:

Something that has always separated Daniel Craig’s 007 from some of the previous incarnations for me, and is a big reason he might be my favorite Bond to date, is the history he seems to bring to his character. Unlike some of the past films, Craig’s run as the character has had a pretty traceable arc through the films, and it’s seemed like we’ve been watching 007 actually grow and evolve into the suave spy he’s been known to be for the past several decades.

It’s been an incredibly enjoyable and engrossing ride for the most part, and with Spectre looking to amplify the elements of horror, mystery, intrigue, and darkness that was present in Skyfall, I think it’s only going to get even better from here on out.

If anything, “Writing’s on the Wall” seems to be perfect in both tone and style for the film, and the lyrics touch at a much deeper pain and desperation underneath the suave surface Bond brings to his spy persona, that I think makes it a suitable companion for movie. While it might not have hit as hard as Adele’s “Skyfall” did in 2012, it’s also a completely different song, both in style and substance.

The music video features interesting new looks at both Monica Bellucci and Lea Seydoux’s characters as well, both of whom look to be having somewhat different trajectories in terms of their interactions with 007. If past patterns prevail, then one of these ladies might not be making it out of the film alive, and it’ll be interesting to see the effects they might have on our favorite onscreen spy.

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