‘Spectre’ Theme Song Teased by Sam Smith

By September 22, 2015

While Spectre continues to remains shrouded in mystery for the next month or so, the studio has gone all out in promoting the movie’s theme song, set to be performed by Sam Smith, with the release set for just a few days from now. Following how well Adele’s “Skyfall” was received, and how well it perfectly captured the film’s tone and themes, it looks like Smith’s interpretation might just be aiming for the same amount of success too.

The song’s titled “Writing’s on the Wall” and most likely references the connection between James Bond (Daniel Craig) and the SPECTRE organization that will be re-introduced in the film, which has been highly teased in the trailers up until this point.

The award winning singer-songwriter released a very small clip from the song recently, that will hopefully provide more insight into the theme’s tone and style for all you die-hard Bond fans out there. Check it out below:

While there really isn’t much to dissect or talk about here, what I loved about this clip is that it sounds like something new and refreshing, and is also instantly recognizable as Bond. From the minute the first couple of notes kick in, you get that old school, vintage feel that the franchise has somehow managed to hold onto over the years. The strings and the orchestral music is both reminiscent of the past Bond songs, but it sounds like “Writing’s on the Wall” might be more imbued with the pure energy that the Spectre trailers have teased as well.

Smith has some big shoes to fill coming off of “Skyfall”, and I don’t know if he’ll be able to do it, but the same can also be said for Spectre as a film too. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see if they both can pull it off.

Spectre is set to hit theatres on November 6th.

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