‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Call Sheet May Reveal Even More Character Identities

By August 19, 2016

Yesterday, the report came that following some intense fan speculation, Zendaya’s mystery role in Marvel and Sony’s Spider-Man: Homecoming, was none other than Mary Jane Watson herself, the iconic love interest of Peter Parker from the comics who has previously been played by Kirsten Dunst in the Sam Raimi films and (almost) Shailene Woodley in the Amazing Spider-Man films.

While the news seemed to confirm the inclusion of yet another classic Spider-Man character from the comics, a number of the film’s other roles were still left with big giant question marks all over them. However, it looks like a new leaked casting call sheet may have revealed the identities of several more characters in the film.

You can view the sheet yourself on Reddit, but here’s who it confirms/reveals several of the movie’s actors to be playing:

  1. It looks like the rumors are true after all and Bokeem Woodbine will be playing The Shocker in the film, the third officially confirmed villain in Homecoming.
  2. Jacob Batalon is playing Ned Leeds, which was previously revealed at San Diego Comic-Con. Leeds is a character who, in the comics, eventually turns into the Hobgoblin.
  3. Prior to some of the Gwen Stacy theories as well, Angourie Rice looks to be playing Betty Brandt, a Daily Bugle worker from the comics who Elizabeth Banks previously played in the Sam Raimi Spider-Man films.
  4. Laura Harrier is playing Liz Allan, another announcement that already came at SDCC as well. Liz is Flash Thompson’s girlfriend in the comics, who actually went on to marry Harry Osborn at one point.
  5. Martin Starr will be playing Mr. Harrington, one of Peter’s high school teachers.
  6. Hannibal Buress will be playing Coach Wilson, which is kind of perfect for anyone who’s familiar with Buress’ type of humor and personality.
  7. Selina Leyva is playing Ms. Warren, which could have some possible connections to another one of Spider-Man’s villains.
  8. Abraham Attah is also listed as playing Abraham in the film, which if I were willing to bet, is nothing more than a pseudonym for his character, especially with all of the rumors and signs pointing towards him playing Miles Morales.

Those are basically all of the major reveals in the call sheet, with a number of the other names and actors not seeming to be playing any huge or identifiable characters from the comics. It’s hard not to wonder if Leyva’s Ms. Warren is at all connected to Miles Warren though, a teacher from the Spider-Man lore who went on to become the villainous Jackal, who at one point even created clones to replace Spidey and all of his loved ones.

I’m surprised by Angourie Rice playing Betty Brandt as well, since she basically looks nothing like her and could have been a spot on Gwen Stacy. With that being said though, it’s nice to see the character introduced so early on in the franchise here, another one of Peter’s love interests from the comics and one of the fans’ more beloved of the Spider-Man supporting characters. Banks didn’t really get that much to do with the character in the films, so here’s to hoping that Rice will be able to receive a bit more of a spotlight this time around.

At this point though, Marvel and Sony are packing Homecoming to the brim with not only amazing actors, but characters from the comics that I doubt anyone would have even thought to include… and the possibilities that can come with their inclusions here, are practically endless now.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is set to hit theatres on July 7th, 2017.

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