Early Images From Walking Dead Season 3 Finale Emerge!

By March 29, 2013

While inevitable, last week’s The Walking Dead left many fans (myself included) in tears and wanting The Governor’s head floating in a fish tank of their own.

Merle found humanity and in the end, did the right thing; even if it did cost him his life. Andrea (after STUPIDLY not killing The Governor when she the chance in a couple episodes previous) tried to make her way back to Rick and Co but was thwarted at the finish line by The Gov himself (who is a hell of a tracker and scarily two steps ahead of her); Rick is still having “me problems” and in a surprise twist, The Gov’s lapdog Milton nuts up and begins to sabotage walker pits and the like but now that The Gov’s on to him, anything goes.

Thanks to the gang at Zap2It, early images to Sunday night’s highly anticipated season finale “Welcome To The Tombs” have emerged.

Wanna see ’em? I promise they’re way tasty and won’t spoil your appetite. (GET IT?!)

NOTE: I have NOT seen the finale (because I wanted to be surprised along with the rest of you) so take everything I say with these images with a grain of salt.

Rick is still having “emotional problems”…will he snap out of it in time to save himself, his son and his friends or will he go “Full Shane” before getting slapped back into reality? (C’mon, y’all know he ain’t gonna die so something fairly big is gonna happen with him)

Man, I hope Daryl and Carol FINALLY figure out how much they love each other and just KISS ALREADY.

Will Tyreese and Sasha figure out The Governor is full of s**t and is a BAD, BAD man before it’s too late? And if they DO go against him, will Rick and co. accept them into their group, will they stay and try to rebuild Woodbury or head out on their own again?

After Merle had a change of heart by letting Michonne go instead of turning her over to The Governor and in the end, sacrificed himself trying to kill the evil sumbitch, Michonne has her own axe to grind and Daryl is hell bent on redneck justice for his brother. I’m hoping these two AT LEAST get to beat the holy p*ss out of The Governor; it’d be even more awesome if THEY were the two who killed the mothertrucker.

The Governor spewing more lies but I’m not so sure Tyreese and Sasha are buying it anymore.

I know it’s been on our minds all season but Carl may be accepting the fact that he’ll have to man up in case his dad can’t.

I hate this man, KILL HIM WITH A STICK; preferably one that’s got a pointy end and ON FIRE.

My early season finale prediction could go one of three ways: Milton is gonna die fairly horribly for going against The Governor, he’ll be the one to take over as leader of Woodbury once The Gov is dispatched OR this will be the way Andrea is written off the show by having HER become Governor of Woodbury with Milton as her advisor.

I’ma be sad when the season ends but I take comfort in the fact that I can go out in my backyard and play with these new Walking Dead action figures McFarlane Toys just put out. Y’all wanted Merle and Daryl action figures, now you got ’em!

And because McFarlane Toys are a subsidiary of writer Todd McFarlane’s (Spawn) production company with a looooooong history of making realistic and EPIC action figures, figurines and the like, you know these are gonna be drool worthy and welcome in any TWD fan’s home. And yes, there IS a Rick action figure complete with the Sheriff’s duffle of guns.

Look at this Michonne action figure…I had to take a couple LONG looks before realizing it wasn’t a still of actor Danai Gurira from the show!


I guess we’ll see what happens and who’ll emerge with their lives when all goes down this Sunday night, only on AMC.



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