Stan Lee Gives His Take on Michael B. Jordan’s Casting as the Human Torch

By July 27, 2015

When Michael B. Jordan was first cast as Johnny Storm a.k.a. The Human Torch in this year’s Fantastic Four, to say that some fans out there weren’t happy would be an understatement. It wasn’t that they disputed Jordan’s acting ability, as much as they had problems with the fact that they were changing the skin color of the character, who has historically been white in the comics.

However, not much has been heard from the character’s creator, Stan Lee, on the matter. Jordan has hinted that Lee was okay with the casting decision, but nothing official has come from Lee himself at this point. Until now, that is.

In a recent interview with EW, Lee revealed his thoughts on the casting choice, as well as the fans’ reactions to the character’s color change:

It was more than okay, I thought it was a great idea! They’re outraged not because of any personal prejudice. They’re outraged because they hate to see any change made on a series and characters they had gotten familiar with. In Spider-Man, when they got a new actor, that bothered them, even though it was a white actor. I don’t think it had to do with racial prejudice as much as they don’t like things changed.

But I think they’re gonna get to love this character. So I’m not the least bit worried about it. I always tried to pepper these groups with as much racial diversity as possible because that’s the way the world is.

Once again, Stan Lee has managed to simultaneously defend and silence all the haters of this topic in the same interview. While it’ll definitely be a change for those who have loved the comics up until this point, the more interesting change might end up being how the film explains Johnny being African-American, while Sue (Kate Mara) is still caucasian.

Most likely, they’ll just go the route of saying that Johnny’s family adopted Sue, or their parents got married. Either way, how they handle the change will really end up defining if it was a good choice or not. All that matters is that the sibling bond between Sue and Johnny remains consistent in the film, all else can just end up being background noise.

Fantastic Four hits theaters nationwide on Friday, August 7th!

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  • David Johnson

    The first 2 Fantastic Four Movies were only so so. Hoping the reboot will actually get the story line right.

  • I hardly think the people bothered by it are going to be silenced just because Stan Lee said he’s ok with it. There’s a reason why people don’t want core facts changed in history. It smells of white washing history, pardon the unintended pun. It’s like those idiots that now want the world to believe that the Holocaust didn’t happen! You can’t change history just by re-writing it.