Star-Lord and Captain America Will Visit Children in Super Bowl Bet Aftermath

By February 3, 2015

Marvel’s two Chris’s, Evans (Captain America) and Pratt (Guardians of the Galaxy), are big football fans. This year’s Super Bowl was especially interesting for them, since their two favorite respective teams ended up making it to the big show. Evans is a major fan of the Patriots, and Pratt is a big fan of the Seahawks. What arose next was a bet between the two men: if the Seahawks ended up winning, then Evans would travel to Seattle and visit Seattle Children’s hospital, dressed as Captain America and waving the flag of Seattle’s “12th Man.” If the Patriots won, then Pratt would travel to Christopher’s Haven in Boston, dressed as Star-Lord and wearing a Tom Brady jersey.

Obviously, we know that the Patriots ended up winning the game, but thankfully, the two Marvel stars are going to make sure that the kids of both organizations are the real winners.

Both men tweeted their respective playful jabs at each other during the game, before eventually revealing that both men would travel to both places in their full Marvel Cinematic Universe regalia. Evans tweeted,

The sometimes intense feelings of devotion that we feel for our favorite teams can sometimes end up being so passionate that friendships can be bruised, and people can be stirred in ways that they normally aren’t. Just by that perspective alone, it’s very nice to see that these two stars are coming together through their iconic characters to put smiles on a lot of kids’ faces that could probably use them.

When the events actually come around, we’ll be sure to let you know how it went down.

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Chris Clow
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