‘Star Trek 3’ Rumors Take Flight, Could Joe Cornish Direct Film?

By November 4, 2013


With so much rumor-mongering power currently dedicated to digging deep on all that persistent and pesky Star Wars chatter, it’s no surprise that the jaw-flapping has turned to director J.J. Abrams’ abandoned other star-busting franchise. With Abrams leaving the new Star Trek franchise he directed, it’s high time that we start hearing buzz about who could take his place.

In short – it’s rumor time, so let’s get down to it.

Deadline reports that Paramount and Skydance Productions have found a new filmmaker that they are “sweet on,” which is a weirdly middle school way to imply that a billion dollar corporation likes a certain talent, but we’ll go with it. The “sweet on” director in question? Attack the Block helmer Joe Cornish, a British filmmaker who earned lots of critical and genre lauds with his low budget directorial debut, a clever twist on the alien invasion storyline that centered on a group of young Brits battling extraterrestrial baddies in their sprawling apartment complex. [Editor’s note: If you haven’t seen Attack the Block, seek it out immediately. It’s truly fantastic.] Though Cornish could be an interesting pick for the part if the franchise is planning on going in for another alien-centric plotline (a la the first film), that would entail putting a lot of trust into a talented but still unproven director.

TFCA held at the Carlu on Jan 10, 2012 photographed by George Pimentel

While Cornish has not yet followed up the success of his first directorial outing with a new film (he does, however, have two adaptations in the pipeline, “Rust” and “Snow Crash”), he has kept busy with screenwriting gigs, including Spielberg’s The Adventures of Tin-Tin and Edgar Wright’s upcoming Ant-Man.  

For now, rumors are all we have to go on, so we’ll stay on this story until it’s inevitable conclusion (Star Trek 3 is aiming to shoot next summer, so we’ll certainly have an answer about its director by then – right?).

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