‘Star Trek Into Darkness’…Worst ‘Trek’ Movie Ever?

By August 15, 2013

Editor’s Note: In this piece, our blogger originally linked to Devin Faraci’s article at Badassdigest.com saying, “Resident badass at Badass Digest Devin Faraci was there at the panel, so are you ready to see the numbers?”

Brian Keathley asked our Senior Editor to remove it not realizing it was a direct credit to Devin as the source for the information presented. We respect Devin as a writer, a colleague, and a friend, and would never under any circumstances plagiarize his work for personal gain. Our deepest apologies.

Original article follows:

At this year’s Star Trek 2013 Convention in Las Vegas, fans who hit the “One Trek Mind Live” panel were asked to rank the 12 official Trek movies and for a bit of fun, they included 1999’s Galaxy Quest (as it was a fitting parody of the ST franchise and the rabid fans they produce) and the results were pretty hilarious.

Some fans went as far to boo quite loudly when the latest Trek film, Into Darkness, was mentioned, prompting one fan to grab the mic and proclaim that “reboots shouldn’t even be CONSIDERED when it comes to listing Star Trek movies.”

Ready to see the numbers from worst to best?

(As they all OBVIOUSLY have the words “Star Trek” in front them, I’m not gonna write it over and over…)

13. Into Darkness

12. V: The Final Frontier

11. Insurrection

10. Nemesis

9. The Motion Picture

8. Generations

7. Galaxy Quest (fun fact: Rainn Wilson’s first film role!)

6. Star Trek (2009 reboot)

5. The Search For Spock

4. IV: The Voyage Home

3. VI: The Undiscovered Country

2. First Contact

1. II: The Wrath Of Khan

Other than the 2009 reboot should be in the #12 position next to Into Darkness (as they’re “last one hired, first ones fired” in my book), I’m okay with this list as is and while some will say “Galaxy Quest, whaaaaa?” I absolutely agree with its inclusion…not to mention that if you go into the “audio” section of the DVD’s special features, you can choose to watch the entire film in Thermian (the aliens they help in the film).

If you’ve never seen Galaxy Quest, FIX THAT.

(If you think you just saw Sam Rockwell, CONGRATULATIONS! You totally did!)

As far as this Into Darkness fiasco goes, here’s hoping Paramount and exec producers/writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman realize that a film needs more than a very fit Alice Eve bra and panty scene to make a Star Trek film a hit and appease the fans…ESPECIALLY if you’re looking to make a THIRD film.

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on the matter…let me see YOUR list in the comments below!

Sound off with your own top 5 Star Trek films.

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