‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Outer Rim Details and New Features Revealed

By March 25, 2016

EA and DICE are ushering out some cool new features, characters, and maps for Star Wars Battlefront. Though I warn you that some of these new toys are not free, they are part of the season pass, and some aren’t. I know that isn’t fair. One thing we all can agree on though, is that this Outer Rim update is pretty damn cool (courtesy of EA):

New Places (purchase only):

  • Jabba’s Palace – Narrow corridors and gloomy rooms make up this iconic space – Throne Room, Mud Bath and more included.
  • Palace Garage – The back entrance to the palace contains a large garage for skiffs and barges, as well as an outside junkyard and Droid repair rooms.
  • SoroSuub Refinery – The large indoor area of the fabled Sullustan factory, where goods are made and shipped off the all parts of the galaxy. Roaring fires and maze-like scaffolding make for an impressive sight.
  • SoroSuub Pipelines – The outside area of SoroSuub, where factory debris is discarded through massive pipes down to the lava rivers below and factory goods are packed and prepared for shipping.

New Features:

  • Hutt Contracts – This feature allows players to engage with Jabba the Hutt himself, taking on dangerous contracts in order to unlock new Star Cards and Weapons. Our team is committed to ensuring some of this content will be available to the entire community, so look for special contracts that do not require expansion packs to access.

New Game Mode (purchase only):

  • Extraction – Rebels have entered some of the most dangerous places in the Outer Rim, determined to extract a shipment of vital resources to their GR-75 transport ship. The Empire has sent its stormtroopers to stop them. Learn more about Extraction here.

The Hero and Villain (purchase only):

  • Greedo – This bounty hunter is a fast and reckless gunslinger who darts in and out of combat to keep his confidence high. His abilities revolve around a confidence meter ranging from 1-5. Starting out as a very average fighter, he will gains kills to unlock new abilities – and grow his confidence. Greedo’s grenades are upgraded for each tier and the damage of his Precision Shots ability is increased with his confidence.
  • Nien Nunb – This Sullustian is a defensive, calculating hero who provides strategic reinforcements and lethal precision to the Rebel. His central trait is connected to his turret. As Nien Nunb kills enemies, his turret is upgraded, turning it into a very formidable foe. He is a combination of sharpshooter, engineer and pilot, which is reflected in his abilities like the Rapid Pulse Cannon, his unique Turret and an Orbital Strike (in close quarters, the Orbital Strike is replaced with Proximity Bombs).

I see the collective fist shaking already, and yes, I agree this game is a gigantic cash grab. Everything that is cool has to be bought. Even great characters that come with the game eventually have the shine wear off of them.

Then you are left with either having to pay for new awesomeness or simply walking away from the game completely, which heavily affects its replay value. But for those of you out there that have been sticking with the game up until now, these new features and gameplay opportunities will hopefully come as welcome news. 

So Nation, what do you think about all the Outer Rim goodness that has been dropped by EA/DICE? Are you in it for the long haul are have you already left barn?

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