Star Wars Celebration Comes to Orlando for 2017

By May 4, 2016

It’s National Star Wars Day – as in “May the 4th be with you” – and the official Star Wars website is kicking things off with some news that should have Floridian fans salivating: Star Wars Celebration 2017 will take place April 13-16, 2017, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Tickets for the annual event, which brings together all corners of the Star Wars universe under a single roof, are scheduled to open on May 25, so that gives everyone three weeks to start making plans and charting a course.

“Star Wars Celebration has always been about the fans,” said Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy in a statement. “It allows Lucasfilm to connect directly with the thousands of fans who have given their dedication and support to the world of Star Wars over the years, and is the perfect opportunity for us to give something back.”

Speaking from personal experience, Kennedy is right on the money here. I attended last year’s event in Anaheim, and I was in the room when the new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was revealed. And while it’s worth pointing out that the very same trailer was available online only moments later, seeing that footage for the very first time in a room full of die-hard fans is something that’s impossible to replicate.

Guests and events have not yet been announced for next year’s show – remember, we still have 2016’s Celebration in London to get through – but with the popularity of Star Wars at an all-time high, you can bet that Lucasfilm will be pulling out the big guns to make sure next year’s event will be the most memorable yet.

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Brent Hankins

Brent Hankins

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