‘Star Wars: Episode VII’: First Look at New Stormtroopers

By August 15, 2014

I’d heard that there might be a new batch of Stormtroopers in Star Wars: Episode VII, but it looks like not only is that rumor true, but there are actually going to be at least two different kinds of updated troopers presumably fighting for the remnants of the Empire. A site called Indie Revolver (which I’ve never heard of before) released these two new watermarked images of different Stormtroopers:

Stormtrooper first look 1

Stormtrooper first look 2

Normally, I’d say these images might be cool, but considering the source, it wouldn’t be enough for me to fully buy that they’re real. But the folks at Latino-Review, who have solid sources inside the Star Wars camp, confirm that they’re legit. Not only that, they actually offer some details about them that I think fans of the franchise will find very interesting: they say that the first photo shows the basic design of a standard, generic Stormtrooper, but the second one – despite the fact that it looks like the guy is wandering through the desert – is actually a Snowtrooper. And get this: in the film, the Snowtroopers will actually be armed with flame throwers. Awesome.

The outlet also says that there’s a third kind of trooper – one with chrome armor – and they say the troopers with this color armor will actually be able to use it as a cloaking device. That part seems more like speculation on their part, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up being true: that sort of curveball seems like just the right kind of thing to take the troopers to an entirely new level while keeping a riff on the classic design from the original trilogy.

What do you think about the new designs for the Stormtroopers?

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