‘Star Wars: Episode VII’: Is This The First Photo of The Film’s Major Villain?

By August 15, 2014

I’ve written more about Star Wars today than I have on any other day in my life, because for some reason, the floodgates opened this morning and tons of news about the upcoming Episode VII has been pouring out. We’ve seen new looks at Stormtrooper designs, Han Solo costume concept art (which is very reminiscent of “Firefly” Captain Mal Reynolds), and heard about a huge spoiler concerning the villains of the upcoming movie.

One of the main sites responsible for today’s information is Indie Revolver, a site I’d never heard of before this morning. But they’re back with their third (and they claim, final) major post for the day that reveals the biggest spoiler so far: a photo of concept art of the main villain in the movie. This is your final warning: if you don’t want to see or know anything about the Star Wars villain, stop reading now.

Inquisitor concept art

This is The Inquisitor staring down the broken helmet of Darth Vader. If the image is real (which we’re still not sure it is, and I very seriously doubt Disney/Lucasfilm is going to come out and confirm it), it raises a few interesting questions. First, what exactly are we looking at here? If this is the Inquisitor that will be featured in the film, does the fact that he’s a cyborg mean that he’s actually been around since the time of Darth Vader, who died thirty years before Episode VII begins, or maybe even before that (like, is he actually the same guy that will be shown in “Star Wars: Rebels”?) Is this taking place during the movie’s flashback, in which Vader appears, or is The Inquisitor holding Vader’s corpse? Or, another possibility, is this simply just some fun early concept art for the character meant for in-house use, and the idea of The Inquisitor and Vader meeting never actually happens in the film?

We have no clue. But it’s interesting that this site has been churning out information like this today and Disney/Lucasfilm hasn’t decided to take any of these images down. That decision could be read a number of different ways, but considering they didn’t issue takedown notices for the set photos that TMZ got a while back, maybe they’re just sticking with a “no comment” policy on all things Star Wars until the movie comes out. That might actually be a wise move on their part, because it’ll keep fans guessing all the way up until December 18th, 2015 when the movie hits theaters.

What do you think? Does this look like a real image to you? How do you think The Inquisitor and Darth Vader are connected in the movie? And which actor (or actress) will play this character?

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