‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Director Teases Maz Kanata’s Return

By April 4, 2016

One of the most notable and mysterious characters introduced in Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, was Lupita Nyong’o’s Maz Kanata, a 1000 year old alien that ran the bar in the film’s second act. With an ending left open-ended and a seemingly larger role hinted at in The Force Awakens‘ trailers too, it was clear that Kanata’s role in the Star Wars universe was far from over. Even if we didn’t quite know where she’d be going from here on out.

In continuing with his seemingly endless Episode VIII teases as well, director Rian Johnson released a new image from production on the film, which confirms and teases the return of Maz in the film, showcasing Nyong’o giving a motion-capture performance as the character, reflected onto several large monitors.

Check out the image itself below (via Tumblr):


After reports of Nyong’o on set of the production already, it’s nice to see Johnson confirm some things here, even if it reveals a whole whopping lot of nothing other than that. Previous rumors and reports regarding the character seem to point towards her setting up shop on a new, possibly familiar planet in the Star Wars universe, but as usual, and as it probably will be for the next year and a half, we know nothing other than rumors and whispers when it comes to the film.

All I know is that it seemed like Kanata had a much larger role in The Force Awakens originally, but was later cut down. It’s possible Johnson could be including some of those original ideas in the new film, or he could have an entirely different plan in store for the character this time around. Who knows? With 1000 years of experience and knowledge of the universe under her belt though, Kanata could be a powerful figure in the rest of the trilogy. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will hit theatres on December 15th, 2017.

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    They put out lots of fake leads for Force Awaken so I’ll take any news with a does of skepticism.