‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ Set Photos Reveal New Aliens and Spaceships

By March 14, 2016

With Disney and Lucasfilm already in the midst of production on Star Wars: Episode VIII, the number of set photos released from the film so far have been staggering. Not quite as many as with The Force Awakens, which quickly became the very definition of overkill, but still a sizable amount. Usually, I try and avoid posting these sort of things as well, since they’re not official images and can sometimes be miscontstrued or picked apart unfairly.

But with these new Episode VIII set photos, I had to make an exception because these photos are incredible (H/T io9).

Starting out, we have some new images of one of the film’s alien additions, and while we don’t know what size of a role he’ll have, I don’t care because he looks like he’s having one hell of a time shooting a Star Wars movie. The images also include a look at what is said to be one of the film’s new landspeeders:

Some other images were revealed as well, that give new looks at what could be some of the film’s more high class aliens, or at least, a new society that we haven’t seen onscreen before. Either way, one of them looks like they’re wearing something akin to Jedi robes, which would be a nice surprise:

And some more, hi-def looks at two of the aliens shown above, including one that looks downright angry. Although, that could just be his alien DNA. Who knows?

Honestly, some of these designs and aliens look reminiscent of the stuff we saw in the Prequels, and while those films were loaded to the brim with problems, one of the few amazing things they did was take us into exciting new places in the galaxy, and give us a real feel of how large the Star Wars world actually is.

Where The Force Awakens mostly took place on three planets and felt somewhat isolated despited its large scale, I’m hoping we get to see the characters in Episode VIII interact with some more new and unique alien communities and societies. Rian Johnson has shown his penchant for strong world-building before, so if he wants to take us into some new, uncharted places in the Star Wars galaxy, then I’m more than happy to hop on board and see where he’s planning on taking us this time around.

Star Wars: Episode VIII is set for a theatrical release on December 15th, 2017.

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