‘Star Wars’ Fan Makes Lightsaber That Burns Through Household Items

By May 28, 2013

The lightsaber may be the single most enduring item that emerged from George Lucas’ Star Wars saga. The image of a colored, contained laser sword clashing against another or deflecting blaster shots has become an instantly iconic science fiction staple. Every kid who has ever seen the films has likely run through his or her yard wielding a stick and imitating the classic sound effect noises with their mouths. The fact that lightsabers only exist in Star Wars films is also one of the most disappointing things that fans of the films have to accept…or do they?

The AV Club points us to an enterprising YouTube user named “styropyro” who seems to have created the closest thing to a real life lightsaber that we’ll ever see this side of Tatooine. It’s not exactly the same as it appears on the silver screen, but that’s likely because an exact recreation is impossible without the fictional force containment field that allows the blade to keep its shape in the movies. Here, the laser emitted from the hilt doesn’t clash with another colored blade; this one just sets things on fire. Take a look below:

Here’s hoping this particular lightsaber creator doesn’t stray to the Dark Side, because that thing looks like it could do some serious damage if it falls into the wrong hands. May the Force be with you all.

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