‘Star Wars’ Gaming Reports Over 1 Billion in Sales

By January 4, 2016

The juggernaut that is The Force Awakens is humming along towards 2 billion dollars and a host of unbreakable box-office records. And the often times forgotten other side of the coin, the games from the same galaxy, are doing very, very well. Everyone knows that Star Wars: Battlefront is a beautiful but flawed game. On one hand, it shows the beauty of what came before the events of The Force Awakens in the Battle of Jakku expansion pack but, in general, the game also has its own share of issues/flaws that have gotten to the fans – a limited single player experience; an expensive DLC pass that has yet to yield any spectacular content… With all that being said, 12 million units sold since its launch in November and $660 million in sales (FORTUNE), the force is no doubt strong with this one.

Now get this, the Star Wars gaming fun does not stop at Battlefront. Disney’s Infinity Star Wars game and toys have sold over $200 hundred million! Star Wars mobile apps, together, have grossed $285,000 dollars… in just one day after the film’s launch! And with the stellar reviews and positive word of mouth, I don’t think we will see anything slow down anytime soon. All this from a (reported) marketing budget of around $350 million which put Star Wars in front of so many eyes, practically, everywhere (I saw a Star Wars makeup ad … what?), this is, truly, the Golden Age of Star Wars.

To recap… Star Wars The Force Awakens is chasing a 2 billion dollar boon at the box office and the gaming side is cresting at over 1 billion dollars. That 4 billion dollar price tag for all things Lucas seems pretty cheap now. Criticisms aside, these are not low quality games. The photo realistic views on Battlefront to this writer are worth the price tag alone. And I feel that the train of epic Star Wars games won’t stop; there are more on the way including an RPG that had some folks going bananas.

So I ask this now to everyone out there in the nation… how do you interpret these numbers? Are you happy so far with the games received? Are you part of the crowd that feels cheated? Or are you part of the masses that have bought into the marketing hype that is all things Star Wars? Let me hear from you!

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Cory Naught
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