‘Star Wars Rebels’ New Clip and Pics for Episode 2 ‘Relics of the Old Republic’

By October 16, 2015

The Star Wars machine is working overtime to bring you as much content as possible. And that’s A-okay by me, said the biggest Star Wars fan in the galaxy…

Do you realize this Sunday, October 18th, we will be a mere two months away from the release of Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens?!?! it’s an exciting time for Star Wars fans young and old.

Bridging the two popular trilogies, the prequels and the original trilogy, Star Wars Rebels has done a bang up job laying the ground work for the rebel alliance. In that too, Rebels has incited many fans to wonder just how it all connects to the Star Wars Story – Rogue One. Because Rebels takes places between Sith and A New Hope, the logical leap for the fans is to hunt for clues and story-lines and /or characters that may or may not be in Rogue One. And that is part of the fun with the Disney XD series.

On top of that, Rebels has finally connected The Clone Wars series, bridging the prequel era to the original trilogies and many fans are enjoying it – including me. The season 2 premiere (which I finally caught last night) sees our heroes looking to find three old, clone troopers that might have some Empire data that can help their cause. As a lover of The Clone Wars and a fan (to some degree) of the prequels, I found the storyline a welcome start to the season and couldn’t help but smile seeing – finally – a connection to the prequels and the originals.

Episode 2 is right around the corner and we have some new images and a clip to share with everyone. Titled, ‘Relics of the Old Republic,’ it looks like we will finally get to the thick of the action when the Empire finds our band of rebels and the old clone troopers. It also appears as if we will be seeing the debut of some new Inquisitors!Rebels 1

Rebels 2

Rebels 3 Along with these images comes a brand new clip to enjoy. Check it out below:

Star Wars Rebels at first, didn’t grab me the way I wanted it to. I was put off, just a bit, by the obvious and over the head references to the original trilogy. But after one season and one episode from the new season, I can safely say that I am excited to continue watching! It looks like Dave Filoni,  showrunner and Lucafilm story-brain trust member, has found his stride. I can’t wait to see where the new season will go!

Star Wars Rebels episode 2 – ‘Relics from the Old Republic’ airs Wednesday, October 21st on Disney XD.

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