‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Box Office Update: All The Money

By December 27, 2015

You may want to sit down and brace yourself, because I’m about to tell you something incredibly shocking. Are you ready? All settled? Prepared to read something that will blow your mind? Ok…here it comes.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens has made A LOT of money at the box office. Like…all of it. It’s made all of the money.

Ok, I’ll give you a moment to collect yourself.

Obviously no one is actually surprised to see the most anticipated movie in history smash box office records left and right. Still, it’s fun to track the film’s unprecedented success. According to this morning’s update (via Variety), The Force Awakens has officially hit the $1 billion mark worldwide ($1.1 billion, to be exact). It’s already a day ahead of Jurassic World, who hit $1 billion in 13 days (Star Wars did it in 12). Domestically, it’s pulled in $544.6 million so far having added another $153.5 million to its already impressive opening figures. That’s both the biggest Christmas weekend and best second weekend ever. We have a funny feeling those aren’t the last records this film is going to break.

Of course, now the big target is Avatar. With its $2.8 billion haul, it is the undisputed reigning champion of the box office. But if anything’s going to knock James Cameron and his blue…people(?) down a notch, it’s freaking Star Wars. This certainly seems to be the ultimate multi-viewing film, I know people who are already on their 5th or 6th time. Force Awakens shows no signs of slowing down, and I think we’d all be pretty shocked if it doesn’t end up taking the top spot.

That reminds me, I should go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens again. And so should you.

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Joe Ruggirello
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