‘Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine’ Details Reveal The Newest ‘Star Wars’ Virtual Reality Experience

By March 16, 2016

Nation have you ever wanted to feel like a real Jedi? Well, the nice folks at Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) have made that possible with the new VR saga, Star Wars: Talking Trials on Tatooine. Check out these details from StarWars.com and tell me you aren’t grinning from ear to ear by the time you finished reading it:

“The prologue fades, the camera pans, and you soon find yourself on the desert homeworld of your master (Luke). Literally, on Tatooine. Turn 360 degrees, look up, look down. You’re not anywhere else. All you see is desert and sky and Star Wars stuff. Sound — music and wind and and more — surrounds you. Now, the experiment really begins. You encounter the Falcon, watch as it lands right next to you (you might find yourself ducking as it descends, which is totally normal), and get a special gift from Artoo — a lightsaber, which you’ll soon get to use. That’s when Star Wars dreams really come true, and it is, in a word, transformative. It feels like a next step.”

This virtual reality proof of concept was shown on the HTC Vive built using the Unreal Engine (IGN), but unfortunately for us Star Wars junkies – this title will not be available to the public anytime soon according to ILMxLAB’s Rob Bredow:

We are starting to see the first high-quality virtual reality headsets hitting the market this year. ILMxLAB is currently in development on experiences beyond this small experiment that we think people will really enjoy as immersive entertainment becomes readily available in the home.”

The Lead Visual Effects Supervisor for ILM Tim Alexander provided a ray of light though to Star Wars fans wanting interactive content they can actually get their hands on (via IGN):

“We’ve got some large-scale productions going. And [Lucasfilm Story Group] is the basis of that. We are doing stories that will be intersecting. It’s all canon, it’s all…it’s all going to be legit.”

He continues:

“And that’s why they’re with us. And that’s why this whole thing is actually really amazing. I’ve been at ILM for twenty years now, and this is the first time I’ve ever seen story and ILM work so closely together.”

This all sounds insanely awesome. As a Star Wars fan this is too enticing to not get excited about. Take my money, here are the keys to my car, the house is open…. please feed my cat.

Sound off below with your thoughts on this amazing story and check out the trailer to the VR experience below. Keep it locked here to GeekNation for all your video game news.

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