‘Star Wars’ Trivia: ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ Star Robert Englund Responsible for Mark Hamill Becoming Luke Skywalker

By November 6, 2014

Here’s one for the weird books: Freddy Krueger discovered Luke Skywalker.

Well, sort of.

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Movies, A Nightmare On Elm Street star Robert Englund talks about bombing his audition for Han Solo in some movie called Star Wars – he ended up there after auditioning for Coppola’s classic Apocalypse Now, since they were being held across the hall from each other – then coming home and telling a dude on his couch about Star Wars and how he should audition. That dude was none other than Mark Hamill.


I went home [from the audition] and told a little kid that was sleeping on my couch, after a six-pack of Heineken, all about [Star Wars], and his name was Mark Hamill. I said, ‘Hey, Lucas is doing this space movie. Maybe you’re right for it.’

And the reason he told Hamill about the movie? “The lead guy’s like a teenager, and Mark was playing teenagers then — Mark was playing high school kids, still. Mark got on the phone to his agent, and I think he went up the next day. He nailed it, and the rest is history.”


The rest is indeed history, but don’t feel bad for Englund. As we all know, he made (and still is making) quite a comfortable living for himself not only in the Nightmare franchise, but some of us even remember him BEFORE that as Willie in the 1983 series “V,” where he one of the only aliens who didn’t view humans as food and came to fight alongside said humans in 1984’s “V: The Final Battle” AND remained on Earth after said battle to help run a night club in the “V” TV series that also aired in 1984.

This is a cool piece of trivia, and I’d KILL to see Englund’s screen test as Han Solo. How about you?

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