Stephen Amell Addresses Rumors He’s Leaving ‘Arrow’

By January 9, 2016

Oliver Queen didn’t spend five years on an island just to drop four or five measly seasons of Arrow on us. He’s in it for the long haul; or at least until 2019; or at least until the show’s cancelled.

There was recently a rumor started that Amell was going to leave the green hood behind after a fifth season only to join the boys down the hall on Supernatural. You know, the show on the exact same network as Arrow. Something tells me no matter how good your parkour skills or how defined your abs; It’d be hard to imagine a network just letting that happen. The speculation began simply because Amell is apparently slated to cameo on a wrestling themed episode of the show.

Amell took to his own twitter for vigilante justice against false information:

Facebook… I keep reading that I’m leaving Arrow. I’m not. I have a contract that runs through 2019. At least. Now… That doesn’t mean Arrow will run that long, but if it does… I’ll be here. Any other questions I can answer?

Full disclosure here, I totally read that in the Green Arrow voice in my head. That contract runs deep you guys! I had no idea he was already signed on for that long. That means he’s locked in for something like seven seasons if the show doesn’t get cancelled or end. Notice he also dropped at least in there. Meaning it could go even longer. Amell had a few more things to say about joining Supernatural

If they asked me, sure? If I was available, sure. Have they asked me? No. Would I be available? No.

Stop answering your own questions, Oliver! It’s like that episode that was a little too much like Batman Begins when he’s hit with some fear smoke that makes you see your biggest fear and his was himself. Side note, I’ve always wanted to be such a bad dude that the only thing I could possibly have left to fear was myself. Side note over.

This was a crazy rumor to begin with. Amell has shown nothing but pure love for playing the hooded one and again, how crazy would the network be to just cut down one of their most popular titles? Diggle wouldn’t let that happen. Bro’s before shows. There’s nothing to fear here, Star City. This rumor seems officially dead. But then again, this is Arrow so it’ll probably come back to life.

Tell me GeekNation do you want to see seven seasons of Arrow or is it time for Oliver to hang up the hood? Stay tuned for more updates here on GeekNation where I won’t be working out shirtless.


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