Stephen Hawking Endorses Eddie Redmayne’s Performance in ‘The Theory of Everything’

By November 19, 2014

Capturing the essence of one of the world’s most revered and respected minds would likely be no easy task for any actor. When that mind is Stephen Hawking, whose complex brilliance is only matched by the physical and emotional disabilities he has had to endure over the course of his life due to a debilitating illness, that difficulty likely rises pretty significantly.

According to the man himself, though, actor Eddie Redmayne was so convincing in his turn as Dr. Hawking that the theoretical physicist apparently thought that he was watching himself at times. In a new promotional video released for The Theory of Everything: The Extraordinary Story of Jane and Stephen Hawking, audiences are given a bit of an inside look into how Redmayne dedicated himself to realistically portraying Hawking and his increasing immobility due to ALS, while Hawking himself offers his own endorsement and insight into how he feels the actor performed in bringing his younger self to life for the film. See it below:

The Theory of Everything opened in a limited release in select cities on November 7th, and will expand to a full worldwide release in January, 2015.

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Chris Clow
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