Steven Spielberg Reveals His Favorite Comic Book Movie Ever

By May 16, 2016

What started out as a nearly impossible, almost laughable mission, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has earned an increasing amount of validity over the years, as the films themselves have not only grown more complex, but also better and more critically acclaimed as well. Remember when Al Pacino even said that he wanted to do one? Six years ago that might have seemed like nothing more than wishful thinking, but now? It’s a plausible reality.

It looks like he’s not the only one who’s become increasingly more impressed with the films either, with Steven Spielberg revealing that his favorite comic book movie ever is none other than one of the most unique and beloved films in the MCU.

Here’s what the director had to say while recently speaking at the Cannes International Film Festival about the films themselves:

“I really like Richard Donner’s Superman, Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight and the first Iron Man movie, but the superhero film that most impressed me is one that does not take itself too seriously: Guardians of the Galaxy. When it ended, I left the cinema with the feeling that I had just experienced something new, free of cynicism and without concern for being gritty when necessary”

(Please excuse any grammatical mistakes, it was translated from a foreign site called the Omelete.)

Predictably, Guardians director James Gunn was a little bit more than just excited by the news as well, posting the following message on Facebook:

“Probably the greatest compliment of my life. I learned what a director was because as a kid I loved Raiders of the [Lost] Ark so much I wondered who the guy was behind it all, and I’m making movies today because of it.”

It doesn’t come as that much of a surprise, considering how much of a callback and reminiscent Guardians is to the style and tone of the films by Spielberg and co. in the 1980s, and that Guardians is one of the most beloved and critically acclaimed films of the entire cinematic universe. Nonetheless, it’s cool to see that even legendary and iconic filmmakers can get excited about some of these movies too, especially considering some of the flack that they’ve received over the past few years.

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    It was a sad day when Spielberg lost his Mojo!