‘Stranger Things’ Star Wants Signing Bonus … From Agents

By October 5, 2016


Want to be the talent agent that lands rising star Millie Bobby Brown as a client? Get ready to open your wallet.

The 12-year-old actress, who broke out earlier this year on Netflix’s Stranger Things, is out shopping for an agent willing to pay her as much as $100,000 for the privilege.

It’s almost as shocking as any number of twists on Stranger Things, since agents are usually paid for their services in landing future roles by collecting a percentage of acting salaries, not the other way around. Yet, several management agencies told The Hollywood Reporter‘s Matthew Belloni that Brown’s father, Robert Brown, has demanded just that.

The move is raising eyebrows among even the most seasoned agents because, while not necessarily illegal, ‘it is completely unorthodox,’ says one agency source. Agents have been known to reduce the traditional 10 percent commission charged to clients in order to sign in-demand talent, but a payment up front ‘would open a Pandora’s box,’ says another veteran of a major agency, ‘and we just would never go there.’

The Browns made a bold move from the United Kingdom to Florida in 2011 where the younger Brown attended workshops to hone her acting craft. Not long after, the family picked up and drove to Los Angeles where Brown started picking up roles in shows like the short-lived Once Upon a Time in Wonderland and Modern Family.

Everything changed, however, this past year when Brown was cast as the mysterious and not-very-talkative Eleven in Stranger Things, joining a very young ensemble troupe that has really caught the attention of Hollywood.

The elder Brown apparently want to ensure the family is not cut out of that success potential, and is not afraid to shake things up like with his singing fee demand.

In the end, however, it looks to be a strategy that ultimately won’t work. Brown is close to signing with an agent as early as next week, Belloni reported, and that “no money will exchange hands.”

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Michael Hinman

Michael Hinman

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