‘Suicide Squad’ Reshoots Underway to Give The Film a Lighter Tone

By March 31, 2016

One of the biggest complaints coming out of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last week, was that the film was utterly joyless and bleak, something that parents couldn’t take their kids to, and something that eliminated any hope from either of the titular icons. Following the “Bohemian Rhapsody” trailer for Suicide Squad though, the David Ayer-directed DC film has begun to look more and more appealing to comic book fans over the past few months.

It looks like that trailer, which was so well-received, may not have been entirely accurate of the actual film itself though, and it looks like because of the Batman v Superman complaints, Warner Bros. may be doing everything they can to not hear the word “joyless” associated with any of their future DC projects.

Birth.Movies.Death is reporting that Warner Bros. has commissioned new reshoots for Suicide Squad, taking place as recent as this week, that will be bringing a lighter tone to the film and the interactions between the characters themselves, after apparently, the last (beloved) trailer gave away literally every single joke in the original version of the film. In addition, the reshoots aren’t just small scenes either, but are apparently big “tens of millions of dollars big” reshoots to be added into the film.

For those of you out there that were disappointed by Dawn of Justice‘s overly serious tone as well, like myself, then this probably comes as some from very good news to you. The last Suicide Squad trailer was fairly spectacular, and the response to it was even more encouraging, so it doesn’t surprise me that Warner Bros. might want to try and morph the movie into something more accessible for all audiences.

I’m all for it too. I want the DC movies to have fun with themselves and I’m not saying that they need to be like the Marvel movies or need to be throwing out quips that would make even Joss Whedon or Shane Black blush, but I’d like to see some actual energy and life onscreen that wasn’t quickly exterminated by death or constant grimaces from their heroes. The only concern I have is that by Warner Bros. stepping in and becoming more involved this time around, they might screw up some of the film’s story or tone. I want Suicide Squad to be good, and I want it to be fun. So here’s to hoping we get both later this August.

Suicide Squad will hit theatres on August 5th.

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  • David Johnson

    Well guess I won’t be pre-ordering tickets for what I thought would be a more adult comicbook movie. Well at least I have Netflix’s to feed My need!!!!!