‘Suicide Squad’ Runtime Reportedly Revealed

By June 27, 2016

With Suicide Squad only a little over a month away from its theatrical release in August, and a substantial amount of hype and anticipation surrounding it right now as well (some could argue even more than Batman v Superman did before its release), it seems like Warner Bros. is intent on keeping a steady stream of promotional material and awareness surrounding the movie as they can in the coming weeks.

Now, it appears as though we may know how long the film is going to be as well, though make sure to take this with a grain of salt until the actual confirmation from DC or Warner Bros. comes.

Collider is reporting that the movie will clock in with a total runtime of 130 minutes, including the credits, according to their sources. If this is true as well, then Suicide Squad will end up being the shortest film in the DC Cinematic Universe to date, after both Batman v Superman and Man of Steel clocked in closer to the 150 mark. At this point though, a shorter dive into the DCCU, without all the grimaces and sorrow, may be just what the films need at this point.

Considering that Suicide Squad is going to feature more prominent characters than any of the other DC films combined as well, the fact that it’s going to be shorter than both of the previous films, will either be a testament to its efficiency, or a forewarning of its possible shortcomings/thinly-sketched characters.

There’s quite a lot riding on Suicide Squad though, with many fans hoping that it’ll be the film to bring back their hope in the DC films now, after both Man of Steel and Batman v Superman received divisive, critical reactions from both fans and critics. With an ensemble cast that most other movies can only dream of, and a skilled director behind the helm though, Suicide Squad has about everything going for it that it could ask for now. We’ll just have to wait and see if that’ll be enough.

Suicide Squad is set to dance its way into theatres on August 5th.

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