Sundance Breakout ‘Birth of a Nation’ Gets Awards Season Release Date

By February 24, 2016

No other film at this year’s Sundance Film Festival received the kind of critical-acclaim and festival hype as Nate Parker’s feature directorial debut, The Birth of a Nation, which tells the true story of the slave rebellion led by Nat Turner in the 1800s. Touted as a visceral and moving experience similar to Steve McQueen’s 12 Years a Slave, the film was a hot ticket at the festival this year.

Picked up by Fox Searchlight for $17.5 million though, a Sundance record, the film had its eyes set on an awards season run from the moment it faded to black for the first time in Park City this year.

Fox Searchlight has officially slated the film with an October 6th release date as well, dead center in the middle of awards season and currently going up against the Emily Blunt-led crime thriller, The Girl on the Train, and the Ben Affleck-led The Accountant. The studio will likely keep the film in the Fall festival circuit as well later this year, in order to keep its buzz from deteriorating and keeping it in the minds of filmgoers consistently throughout the awards season.

Whether it had been bought by a record-breaking sum or not though, The Birth of a Nation was sure to stir plenty of conversations with its unflinching portrayal of a slave’s life at the time. If it lives up to the festival hype will have to wait to be seen, but one thing’s clear – you’ll want to keep your eyes open for this one later this year.

The Birth of a Nation is set to hit theatres on October 7th.

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