‘Supergirl,’ ‘Arrow,’ ‘The Flash,’ and ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Mega Crossover in the Works

By May 19, 2016

Well, I suppose it was only a matter of time before this came into fruition, right?

Following the successful and critically-acclaimed crossover between The Flash (CW) and Supergirl (CBS) earlier this year, CW picked up Supergirl for a second season last week, not only giving the show a transition to a much smaller network, with a relatively lower budget, but also has made the possibility of more crossovers within the other DC TV shows even greater.

CW Chief, Mark Pedowtiz recently confirmed to reporters on a conference call before The CW’s upfront presentation in New York as well, that a crossover between Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow, is already in the works. The chief went on to call it “the biggest one ever,” though he declined to reveal/tease any further details about the event.

After The Flash and Supergirl crossover proved that the two characters could interact with each other well, it seemed like almost an inevitability that Kara (Melissa Benoist) would run into some of Barry Allen’s other friends on his Earth, whether the network transition happened or not. Hell, even Arrow star Stephen Amell seemed pretty confident that a crossover between the shows would happen at some point.

Pecdowitz recently commented on Supergirl‘s move to The CW as well saying:

“I don’t think it will have a major effect on how [the Supergirl producers] actualize what they do.”

Reports indicated that Supergirl was originally pitched to The CW, but the network was hesitant due to the series’ large budget and cost, as well as the idea of launching a fourth superhero series before their third (Legends) had even made its premiere. Following the transition’s announcement though, the CW chief was reported as saying that the network was where Supergirl belonged all along, and he certainly doesn’t seem wrong.

The only real concern fans seem to have about the transition is whether or not Supergirl‘s budget will be affected in a noticeable way, and whether or not that might affect the series’ look and aesthetic in a negative manner, especially when it comes to a certain green shapeshifting Martian. With that being said, it doesn’t sound like the show’s story or actual development will be changed all that much, and it may be worth the budgetary cuts, if it means that we’ll get to see more of Kara and Barry (Grant Gustin) fighting crimes together.

Supergirl will air Monday nights on the CW.

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