‘Supergirl’ Set to Introduce Their Own Superman… Though Not How You Might Expect

By November 25, 2015

In terms of ratings and critical reception alone, Supergirl has done incredibly well for CBS up to this point. The series focusing on the powerful Kryptonian cousin of the Man of Steel has been able to separate itself from its fellow DC TV shows in a number of important ways, and has made a star out of its lead, Melissa Benoist. After already introducing a number of important and recognizable names from the DC Comics though, it’s a bit difficult to see what the overall plan might be for the series moving forward.

The series hasn’t shied away from their Superman references up until this point either, and there has already been a large number of speculation from fans regarding the character’s possible TV future. While he’s only really appeared in cameos, without us ever fully seeing his face, his presence has been felt from the first few minutes of the pilot episode alone, and it looks like we might be seeing a lot more from him soon enough. Although, not how you might have expected, or liked.

TV Line is currently reporting that the creative team behind Supergirl is planning on casting and introducing the Man of Steel later this season, in early 2016. However, the report also mentions that they are looking for a 13 year old actor for the role, “with future leading man looks.” The character will reportedly make his appearance in the season’s 13th episode for a sequence of flashbacks that help to reinforce the relationship between Kara and him, and there’s no mention of how he might be featured in the series following that episode.

The mention of “future leading man looks” means that the show either wants the 13 year old actor to just be incredibly handsome for the sake of the character, or because they plan on incorporating him more in the series moving forward. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see how the story will be able to introduce the character during his teenage years without it feeling slightly underwhelming, especially after already introducing the character during his prime.

The casting decision keeps in line with Supergirl‘s tone and twists though, so it doesn’t necessarily come as much of a surprise that the series would be focusing more on the Man of Steel before he developed his heroic alter ego. However, this will probably disappoint some fans out there as well, who would have rather had a Superman character without his origin story or flashbacks. As someone who has become increasingly less impressed with Gotham‘s handling of a young Bruce Wayne though, I’ll be going into this episode with slightly more skeptical eyes – hoping that Supergirl will be able to pull off this move better than I may expect.

Supergirl airs every Monday night on CBS.

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Alex Welch

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  • Chris Skalicky

    If they ever go the direction of showing Superman, they should cast Tom Welling and loosely tie it into Smallville. They don’t have to acknowledge all the intricacies of that show but just have him pop up as Clark or Superman if they ever need to show his face.

    • Sue_DeNimm

      Umm – Supergirl (well, Kara at least) was already in Smallville. And they want this to be tied intro the same universe as the films which is a different Universe to Smallville. So… why on earth would they do this? Confusing what’s going on for the sake of fan-wank. Please god no.