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VIDEO: 13 Dead and 40 Wounded in Colorado Batman Screening Massacre

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A truly sad day in America when a man attacks Batman fans at an opening night screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” in Aurora, Colorado.

At approximately 12:30pm during the midnight screening, a man dressed in all black including a gas mask and body armor enters the Century 16 theater with a can of something (still not sure what was in the can, some kind of gas that made it hard for people to breathe) and a gun. He throws the gas can at the audience and begins shooting. Fan’s don’t react right away because they think it’s a stunt for the film until they realize the attack is real.


The man was immediately taken into custody behind the theater, and gave himself up peacefully. Many of the victims were young people, even a small baby was shot.

The shooter is 24-year-old James Holmes and police say that when they went to his apartment to investigate rumors of explosives, they found his apartment was booby trapped. Some think the apartment was rigged to blow up.

Death toll is expected to rise.

This is absolutely devastating news for Batman fans and America.