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‘Star Wars’ Animated Character May Have Already Appeared in One of the Live-Action Movies

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There have been plenty of rumors over the years of possible Star Wars animated characters crossing over into the live-action films, and ever since Star Wars Rebels began, it’s seemed like they’ve just become more and more common. Even Rebels producers, Dave Filoni and Simon Kinberg, haven’t turned down the possibility at some point.

It turns out though, that one animated character may have already appeared in one of the live-action films, at least, according to Dave Filoni that is. You should be warned though, that this does come with some minor, minor Star Wars Rebels spoilers

At the world premiere of the upcoming Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale (via /Film), Filoni revealed his belief that Captain Rex, who returned to the Star Wars world this year in the second season of Rebels this time much older and with a snow white beard, is actually one of the men fighting on the Battle of Endor with Han and Leia in Return of the Jedi.

“The one thing that I have toyed with and we’ll see how I feel about this, this is probably a spoiler, Carrie Beck, but I gotta give them something. I’ve said absolutely nothing today. And my wife’s like yeah, it’s just like being home. But I think the one thing I have really thought about is I really do think that Rex is that guy on Endor. I really do. Why else is there a bearded old guy on Endor, Tano? Why? It makes no sense. If you don’t want that to happen, do you know what that means? I’m gonna make that happen. I’m getting like Palpatine, I’m getting power crazy.”

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As you can see above, Filoni is referring to the small squadron of troops helping to defend Han against the Imperial troops on the Battle of Endor, and yes, the actor in question is featuring Rex’s now signature skin tone and snow white beard.

So technically, did Dave Filoni just reveal that Captain Rex will survive the entire animated series? Yes, yes he did. But it’s an interesting enough idea, that I don’t even mind.

Ever since Rex’s return, there have been theories about his possible fate amongst the fan community, and since the trooper has had his Order 66 chip removed, and therefore is willingly helping the Rebellion fight off the Empire, it seems like a satisfying enough idea that his lifetime of fighting might have paid off by the time he eventually died, especially if he helped to take down the Empire’s shields on the Moon of Endor.

Whether or not this ends up coming to fruition is one thing, but it’s nice to see Filoni considering it as a possibility nonetheless. With the upcoming season finale of Rebels as well, it will be interesting to see how well Rex fares by the time the season ends, especially since many believe the finale will come with more than a few shocking moments, and possibly a few heartbreaks along the way as well.

The Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale will air tonight on Disney XD.

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