Castle Recap: “Watershed”

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Hooker, hacker, student, spy.

It’s secrets, lies, and misdirections on this week’s Castle, with Caskett on the rocks and a Harvard hacker found dead in the water tank of a seedy hotel.

Beckett flies to DC for to interview for a federal job, but she doesn’t tell Castle. Meanwhile, Castle has anxieties of his own: Alexis wants to take a school trip to Costa Rica. After the Paris debacle, he’s hesitant to let her leave the nest, but she convinces him that she needs the trip; she isn’t willing to let fear rule her life.

Fresh off the plane, Beckett’s late to the crime scene and making excuses for not answering her phone. The victim is Crystal Sky–an obvious alias–and all but one neighbor claims she was a prostitute. It’s a tragic, but familiar tale…until Ryan matches her fingerprint to Harvard honors student Erika Albrook. Erika’s parents are flabbergasted–they’d dropped their daughter off at the airport two weeks earlier, under the illusion that she was on her way to Europe.

She’s not a hooker, according to Lanie–she hasn’t recently had sex. The plot thickens: why was Erika staying in a seedy hotel, making sex noises at all hours of the night? They return to the hotel, and ask her next-door neighbor why he so vehemently believed Erika wasn’t a prostitute. He admits to spying on her through a hole in the wall; while playing a CD of erotic noises to throw off her neighbors, Erika was actually on her laptop. When they learn that she was a Computer Science major, Castle and Beckett quickly connect the dots: Erika was a hacker.

But what was she hacking? A law firm apparently–and not just any law firm. It was the same firm Erika’s best friend had interned at…right before she died in a suspicious car accident. And the plot thickens: days before her death, Erika met with Ian Blaylock, an attorney who’d once worked for the firm…and who’d taken a call from political candidate Colin Rigsdale immediately after her friend’s death.

Ian Blaylock may have helped his client cover up the crime, but he wasn’t the killer. The detectives find him dead in his apartment, an IM conversation still on his computer. Pretending to be Blaylock, the real culprit lured Erika to the rooftop where she was killed.

Speaking of cover-ups, Beckett’s still hiding something important: the fact that she’s on the short list for a job in another city. When Castle accidentally finds her ticket stub and learns the truth, he’s furious. How could she keep something so important from him?

When she gets the job, Beckett’s more confused than ever. A talk with her father reveals the truth: she wants the job, and she’s not sure where her relationship with Castle is headed. Meanwhile, Castle’s venting to Martha, and she asks him point-blank why he was so hesitant to pursue Beckett in the first place. Could it be that he never truly believed it would work?

Things aren’t looking good for the couple. Castle’s conspicuously absent when the detectives solve the case–it was Colin Rigsdale’s half-brother, doing the would-be senator’s bidding. It’s Beckett’s swan song, and she knows it; she barely tempers her emotions as she refers to the precinct as ‘home.’ Castle tells Alexis that he can no longer fool himself–it’s time to face reality. Beckett calls Castle, with the four worst words known to mankind hanging on her lips: “We need to talk.”

And thus, the death knell sounds on their relationship as they meet in the park. Or does it? Castle tells Beckett that they both deserve more and Beckett agrees…but before she can elaborate, he’s down on one knee. And thus ends season five of Castle–with an unanswered marriage proposal.

What say you, Caskett shippers? Did the writers have you fooled? Did you foresee a break-up, or were you waiting for a last minute bait-and-switch?