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‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 2 Promo Poster Released

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The first season of Fear the Walking Dead on AMC left our lead group of characters trying to escape the zombie ridden world around them, by taking shelter in a gated estate near the shore. As tensions grew though, and the outbreak got worse they began preparing to seek refuge on a yacht that’s moored offshore, named “Abigail.” Three guesses says that safety won’t last very long, it never does.

Now, with a little over a month left until the second season’s April premiere, AMC has unveiled a new promotional poster for the season, teasing the unknown dangers that hiding on a boat during the zombie apocalypse might entail.

Check it out below:

fear the walking dead season 2 poster

Working as a prequel that will eventually catch up to the events of The Walking Dead, AMC’s spin-off series gave fans the chance to see the human world slowly devolve into chaos for the first time, something that the original series skipped over in its pilot episode. Instead of being set in the southern regions of the United States though, Fear took place in the dead center of civilization – Los Angeles, California.

The first season of the show took a little bit to really get going, but with a new environment for zombies to ravage onscreen and the opportunities for even more beloved and not-so-beloved characters to get killed, Fear the Walking Dead holds a lot of promise with its sophomore season. With all of the origin stories and main character introductions finally out of the way, hopefully this season will be able to crank up the tension and pacing just a little bit more moving forward. Even if not though, at least we’ll still get to see zombies on a boat, right?

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 will premiere on AMC on Sunday, April 10th.

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Review: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Episode 5 – ‘Cobalt’

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On this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead, we learned that breaking and entering can lead to a little sexual tension, sometimes leaving out the truth can come back to haunt you and while words are powerful, actions say so much more. Let’s take a closer look at ‘Cobalt,’ shall we?

This week’s episode opens in the “hospital” where we find the distraught Doug being basically coaxed into a breakdown by the smooth talking Strand (played deliciously by Coleman Domingo). As the soldiers take Doug away, most likely to kill him, the camera pans down and we see a detoxing Nick being held in the same cage. Later on, when the guards do their prisoner check, a feverish Nick gets on their radar and he’s pulled from the cage. Strand bribes one of the guards to let Nick stay. When Nick questions him about it, Strand tells him that, as a heroin addict, Nick has the right skill set for what Strand has planned. He then shows Nick a key that he’s managed to attain.

Meanwhile, back at the neighborhood, tensions are running high after the smash and grab done by the soldiers the night before. Ofelia gets her beau, Adams, into the compound, where she and her dad then proceed to tie him up in the Tran’s basement. Even though Ofelia gets her dad to promise not to hurt him, we all know where this is going. The good old torture for information route! When Maddie figures out what’s going on, she turns a blind eye, insistent they need to get their people back.

Travis goes another route, trying to reason with the Lt. Moyers about getting everyone back. Moyers agrees to take him to see Dr. Exner, but on the way they get sidetracked by zombies. Travis still refuses to kill them, even when he sees them in action. Before they can get to the makeshift hospital, they’re called to another infestation. With Travis looking on, they’re over-run, with only a few surviving the attack. The survivors refuse to go any further, taking Travis back home instead of to the hospital.

To pass the time, Alicia and Chris break into a wealthy neighbor’s house and play dress up, before vandalizing the place amid a bit of growing sexual tension. Which is just, really a no-no when it comes to step-siblings and kind of gives you the ick factor.

Back in the basement, Daniel finally gets some answers, although whether the torture was actually necessary is another thing entirely. Not only is it a used to death trope, but honestly, I’m pretty Adams would have squealed with a little prodding and intimidation. The flaying was superfluous and only there for shock value, in which it completely failed. Anyway, we find out that ‘Cobalt’ is the directive for complete evacuation. Problem is, only the military is being evacuated. The civilian population is set to be ‘humanely terminated.’ Daniel also finds out that the soldiers locked and barricaded the doors to the Los Angeles Arena, trapping what is now 2000 zombies in there. In a completely, how in the hell did he get there sequence, we see Daniel outside the arena, the door straining as the zombies try to break free before we fade to black.


For an episode whose trailer promised some zombie action, this was a huge letdown. Not only did absolutely nothing happen, there was absolutely no movement in the plot. All we got was setup for next week’s season finale.

We also got an interesting character in Daniel, who seemed to be the only one with any sense, falling down the rabbit hole and becoming a mustache twirling villain with very little explanation. The idea of the whole thing is tired and over-done and it turned a sympathetic character into nothing more than a caricature. And seriously, what’s hi plan? Unleash the zombies on the unsuspecting servicemen? While it would make for a spectacular spectacle, the plan is seriously flawed. If the zombies kill the soldiers, who’s going to stop them after the fact? We’ll have to wait and see on that front.

As for everyone else, what a freaking snore-fest. Travis is still being wishy-washy when it comes to the walkers, even though he’s now been outside the fence. He still doesn’t seem to grasp the situation, or it’s at least taking it a long time to sink in. At least he seems to have given up his blind faith in the soldiers. They aren’t making it better.

The only interesting thing to come out of this episode was the introduction of Strand. He was the most engaging thing of this entire series and he was only on the screen for a handful of minutes. With his in with the military, it appears that he knows what’s coming and is preparing his survival. Too bad he’s decided to take the annoying Nick along for the ride. And, we only get one more episode to see him in action. I think that overall, it would have been to the show’s benefit to introduce him a little sooner. At least, if all goes to plan, anyway, we should get to see him in action in season 2.

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Review: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ – Season 1, Episode 3 ‘The Dog’

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In this week’s episode of Fear The Walking Dead, we learned that some people insist on keeping score, junkies will be junkies and good people are always the first to die. Let’s take a closer look at ‘The Dog,’ shall we?

Travis, Liza, Chris and the Salazar’s decide to make a run for the truck after the rioting reaches epic proportions and the business next door to the barber shop gets razed. As they’re making their escape, Griselda is injured badly. Travis promises to drop them at the hospital, but they’re forced to continue on when they reach their destination and realize all hell has broken loose there. Police officers are actually shooting people in the parking lot. Daniel convinces Travis to take them to his house, where he can call his cousin to come pick them up the next morning. Then they will be even, at least in Daniel’s mind. As they make their way home, the lights in the city around them go dark.

Meanwhile, Maddie, Nick and Alicia have holed up in the house, playing Monopoly, waiting for Travis to return so they can all head to the desert. A scratching at the door has everyone panicking, but it’s only a dog, covered in blood that’s not its own. Turns out that zombified neighbor Peter was chasing it, and we get a chilling scene of Peter just standing in the street, waiting. Maddie and the kids decide to break into the house next door and grab the neighbor’s shotgun. They find it and the ammo but can’t return home because by this time Peter has shambled into their house and is now feasting on the dog.

Travis returns with everyone in tow, unaware of the danger. As Maddie and Nick run to warn him, Alicia goes back for the shotgun shells and barely escapes neighbor Susan, who has been turned. Travis tries to reason with Peter, hoping that he’ll be able to get through to him as the two of them wrestle. Daniel grabs the shotgun and dispatches Peter with a couple of shots to the head.

Travis insists that they wait it out until morning, much to the consternation of both Maddie and Alicia, and everyone pairs off into their respective rooms. Ofelia tries to convince her parents they should go with Travis and his family, but Daniel stubbornly insists that they go it alone. Maddie and Liza have a heart to heart where Maddie asks Liza to put her down if she ever becomes like Susan, who is still growling and snarling behind a rickety fence.

As the family begins their journey out of the city the next morning, Maddie notices that Susan’s husband Patrick has returned. She chases after him, trying to warn him about his wife, but she’s too late. Just as Susan reaches for her husband, she goes down. The military bursts on to the scene, shooting her in the head. They then proceed to comb and quarantine the neighborhood, while Nick skulks around, looking for ways to break into houses for drugs. As Travis and Maddie watch soldiers pile bodies into a garbage truck, he exclaims “Cavalry’s arrived. It’s gonna get better now.”


Okay, so first off, can we give props to Paul Haslinger for his amazing score? While I firmly believe that the score is the life-blood of any good show or film, tonight the music was exceptional. It created the perfect amount of tension for this episode, and kept me on the edge of my seat during the tense sequences. Kudos to the composer for his fantastic work.

As to the rest of the episode, it was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. The beginning scenes where Travis et al were fleeing the riot were heart-stopping, filled with urgency and desperation. I particularly liked the scene at the hospital. The chaos it depicted was something I hadn’t thought about, but makes perfect sense, as it would be filled with dead people just ready to turn. The fact that we witnessed the police firing on walkers as they emerged from the hospital just highlighted the chaos and uncertainty we know is going to follow, having seen what the future is like with The Walking Dead.

Once the action returned to the house, the episode lost a little of its steam. I get that the show-runners were trying to go for family dynamic thing, but the board game scene just kind of fell flat. The scenes with the actual walkers were where the show really excelled. The one where Alicia goes back for the shells and sees Susan’s shuffling feet on the other side of the door was particularly effective.

I’m not a fan of Travis and his ‘it’s all going to be okay’ attitude. His insistence that the zombies can still be cured is irritating, but that might have more to do with the fact that we, as viewers, know they can’t. Maddie and Daniel seem to be the only ones who really know what’s going on, are are willing to do it, although Daniel’s attitude and stubbornness is pretty off-putting. The fact that Maddie let Travis talk her out of bashing Susan’s skull in with the hammer was also pretty disappointing. And don’t get me started on Nick. I get that not everyone is perfect and that even those with problems would be caught in the zombie apocalypse, but I just feel the whole storyline is out of place. I wish the show would focus more on the actual crisis going on around them, and less on the family dynamics. I’m more interested in the outbreak and its effects than the internal angst of the families and characters. I’m sure I’m not alone.

Fear The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights on AMC.

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