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Vin Diesel Says Who He Wants to Direct ‘Fast & Furious 8’

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The Fast and the Furious franchise has had an unusually strange ride throughout its past seven installments. After beginning as an average batch of racing films that quickly began a downgrade spiral in quality, the franchise found new life with 2011’s Fast Five, which turned the series’ past racing storylines into more of a straight-up action film. It also featured the introduction of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s Luke Hobbs to the series, who’s charisma seemed to provide a much needed kickstart to the entire energy of the film.

However, after this year’s Furious 7 addressed the passing of cast member Paul Walker in a heartfelt manner that seemed to send every character into their own happy ending of some kind, no one really knew what the future of the franchise was going to be. Vin Diesel recently revealed that the studio is planning on making one more final, trilogy of Fast and Furious films, with work on 8 already underway. Without long-time director Justin Lin back at the helm though, and Furious 7‘s James Wan tied up with a number of new and exciting projects – which director are we going to see take on the franchise next?

Recently, Vin Diesel himself shared who he would like to direct the eighth installment in the franchise, during a lengthy post he shared on his Facebook page, he included one paragraph about director Rob Cohen, who began the franchise back in 2001 with The Fast and the Furious. Check it out below:

“Back to the matter of 8… First and most importantly is the SCRIPT, which has to be great. Hopefully the writer will deliver something within the next two weeks… before my Witch Hunter press tour begins. There has always been the desire by Paul to have Rob direct one more, this is what fueled my campaign… I believe that he can and would reset the franchise nicely, returning to what was the core of the film in the beginning… racing. He would also handle the Brian O’connor issue with integrity, given that he and David Ayer were the ones who initially created that beloved character in the first place.”

This sounds like the sort of idea that some fans are going to love, and others are going to hate. For those of you out there who enjoyed the first few Fast and Furious movies, this will probably come as an exciting possibility to not only bring Rob Cohen back onboard the series, but also to return it to its racing roots. For those of you who have preferred the recent change from racing to more character drive, action premises though, this might not come as such welcome news.

Personally, I’d like to see some new blood injected into the franchise again, and while I wouldn’t mind the racing style coming back, as someone who still thinks Fast Five could be the best in the series, I’d like to see the characters continue in their current patterns. It’s possible that Fast and Furious 8 could continue to play with the timeline of the series again, like some of the previous films have, but it looks like the franchise might stay on a more linear path moving forward, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. Just make sure you bring The Rock back please, that’s all I ask.

Fast and Furious 8 is currently in development.

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