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Director Colin Trevorrow Reveals New ‘Jurassic World’ Poster

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The month of June is now less than two months away, which means that some of the year’s most anticipated blockbusters will be hitting theaters a lot sooner than it might feel. One of those is Universal Pictures’ Jurassic World, the highly anticipated fourth film in the Jurassic Park series established by Steven Spielberg back in 1993. The new film, starring Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, is taking things a step further from the previous films and actually opening the park to the general public. No concept park, no abandoned island: this time, things are booming.

In order to stir up the hype machine even more, the new film’s director — Colin Trevorrow — revealed a new one sheet poster on Twitter. In it, the park’s operations manager Claire Dearing (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) is face-to-face with a new breed of dinosaur featured in the film: the “Indominous rex.” See it below, and click for full resolution.


While the images presented in trailers and other promotional materials can evoke quite a response in anyone who holds the first film in high regard, a film with such a long gestation period hasn’t seemed to set itself apart in a major way when compared with the first three films. Part of this is good, since it means that the filmmakers are keeping major story details pretty close to the chest, the return of such a well-known franchise hasn’t seemed to have made a great deal of impact yet, but there’s also still time since the film has just under two months to go until its release.

While story details for the film are few and far between, we know of the basic premise for the film: it takes place 22 years after the accident on Isla Nublar depicted in the original film, and the park’s original site now features a fully-functional dinosaur theme park. Owned by a new corporation instead of InGen — the main corporate entity featured in the first three films — the park’s owners have instructed their geneticists to create a new hybrid dinosaur, the Indominous rex, in order to drive up attendance at the park. Two featured staff members are Owen Grady (Pratt), who conducts behavioral research on a group of velociraptors, and park ops manager Claire Dearing (Howard), who invites her two nephews to visit. During that visit, the Indominous breaks free and is set loose on the park attendees.

While that seems relatively basic, Trevorrow has stated on a few different occasions that his intent with the film is to introduce elements from Michael Crichton’s novels that were either overlooked or ignored by the previous three films. Only one character from the original film, Dr. Henry Wu (played by actor B.D. Wong), is present in the new film due to the efforts of the screenplay to give his important role in the original novel more credence in the world of the films.

Jurassic World opens in theaters on June 12th. For more on the movie as it takes shape ahead of release, keep it locked on GeekNation!