Northbound: Season 2 Teaser

Picking up shortly after the events from the first season of Northbound, Cataclysm survivor Alex and his comatose daughter have joined a nomadic community called The Infinity Group.

As events unfold, The Infinity Group becomes entangled in a regional power struggle between a dangerous militia, and a covert government group planting stakes in the Northern Woods.

The four-episode opened was filmed over a 10-day period in Michigan towns of Norway and Sagola, as well as the former KI Sawyer Air Force Base in Gwinn. In addition to reuniting with the Michigan-based crew, the production also brought on numerous local crew talent, production resources and cast extras to help bring the larger locations to life.

Northbound is an arts and community-driven Web series component to a larger universe known as the Northstar Saga. This season will ultimately lead into an independent storyline of new characters, plot and science-fiction perimeters, which will be the feature film Northstar.

The second season of Northbound premieres this coming spring right here on GeekNation.


Northbound Season One Supercut

For the first time ever, the entire first season of Northbound has been released in full – the way it was always meant to be seen!


Northbound, Episode 6: Winter Warriors

Pursued and dying, a father unleashes the very last of his energy to give his daughter one more chance at survival. This concludes the first year after the great Cataclysm.


‘Northbound’ Trailer

See this special trailer for the upcoming GeekNation series “Northbound,” premiering March 10th!