‘Star Trek: Beyond’ Trailer Is Here!

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Who knew Star Trek could be such a badass? I mean, I always think it is but I also wear Batman pajamas. Either way this trailer just took it up a notch and brought the fire. Paramount has just release the Star Trek: Beyond trailer and just… this:

Beastie Boys + Star Trek equals me having a surprisingly kickass Monday. On the heels of Star Wars being released I imagine we’ll also be seeing this infront of The Force Awakens. Ironic considering that JJ Abrams decided to let new Director Justin Lin have a crack at the franchise this time around. Still yet…..Justin Lin just came out swinging. One of the coolest things you can do in my opinion is take a badass hero (and his crew), strip them of their guns/ship/powers and throw them into a dangerous area. It looks like that happens here and it really reminds me of some of the old episodes with Spock and Kirk getting trapped in awesomely freaky situations stripped of their tech. My excitement level just got beamed the eff up. What’d you think of the trailer?


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