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Ron Perlman Addresses Those Swamp Thing Casting Rumors

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Late last year, both Ben Mendelsohn and Ron Perlman were rumored to be being eyed for DC’s Justice League Dark, with Mendelsohn reportedly up for the lead villain role and Perlman apparently in talks to play the iconic Swamp Thing in the film, though nothing much came from either of the rumors after that. With the announcement yesterday that director Doug Liman would be at the helm of the new DC film though, many have begun to wonder again if either possible castings could wind up coming true.

Well, it doesn’t look like they’re much more hearsay for the moment, according to Ron Perlman anyways.

The actor told that the rumors of him playing Swamp Thing are nothing more than “urban myth Internet noise,” and considering how passionate Perlman has been in the past about getting fan support for him to be in one of the current comic book movie universes, I guess we can take his word for it for the time being.

Even if he doesn’t play Swamp Thing either, Fox better not forget a certain Deadpool 2 character that he’s interested in…

It doesn’t look like Hellboy III is ever going to happen at this point as well, with Perlman even coming out at some point last year to say that he’d “prefer to not do Hellboy III from a wheelchair,” which means he’s looking for another superhero movie gig at some point in the near future. Whether or not it ends up happening though, and if it does which universe it ends up being in, will have to wait to be seen.

For the record however, yeah, he’d probably be a pretty bad ass Swamp Thing.