Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 7 Review!

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Episode seven of TNT’s Falling Skies is called “Molon Labe.” What the hell is molon labe? It’s a kick ass Ancient Greek phrase, that’s what it is. It means “come and take them,” and was used by one of my favorite action heroes based on a real life hero, King Leonidas. Molon labe is the perfect name for this episode: it kicks a lot of ass and sees the 2nd Mass. standing off against the aliens. The humans have something of importance that the aliens want, which begs the question, “What are you waiting for aliens? Come and take them!”

Spoilers below! Here’s what happens in a nutshell:

Karen takes Ben to Big Mamma Alien and tells them he’s been in contact with the skitter rebellion forces. Too bad Karen’s freakin’ evil. She tries to re-harness Ben, but the 2nd Mass. comes to his rescue guns a blazin’ and a big firefight ensues. They capture Big Mamma Alien (BMA) and pack up to leave the hospital. Captain Weaver tells Tom (in front of Big Mamma Alien) that they need to get to Charleston, not baby-sit BMA…um, maybe you shouldn’t talk about your plans in front of the enemy leader? Haven’t you been trying to hide from the aliens all this time?

The 2nd Mass. gets surrounded by the aliens before they can move, and Evil Karen tries to strike a deal. Tom tells her to kiss his history-loving boots.

As if BMA, skitters, and mechs weren’t enough of a problem for the writers to throw at the 2nd Mass., now a new foe is introduced-big ass alien bugs! They swarm the basement of the hospital, killing Jamil. Rest in peace, Jamil. You were an interesting, complex character who… I’m just kidding. His only quality was that he was dating Lourdes.

Meanwhile Dr. Glass, Lourdes, and Matt get hit by an explosion in the basement while trying to commandeer supplies. They find a dead Jamil, who erupts into a stream of alien buggies, which trap the group and force Matt to take to the vents to get help from his brother and pop.

BMA tells Tom they want peace, and that the humans should stay out of their way while they ravage the Earth. Then Tom finally listens to the advice I’d been screaming at the TV all episode and shoots BMA, Dirty Harry style. However, BMA survives, and they use it to strike a deal with Evil Karen to let the 2nd Mass. evacuate in exchange for BMA.

The 2nd Mass evacuates, and Ben leaves to help the skitter rebellion. Somewhere along the way, Boon (a sniper) gets executed by a mech and Hal and Maggie smooch, satisfying all of those Hal/Maggie (Haggie) fans. What, no Haggie fans out there?


  • Ben not getting harnessed again- time to move forward, not backwards.
  • Tom finally shooting BMA.
  • Maggie finally kisses Hal.
  • Ben leaving: Now we maybe we won’t have to listen to him whine all the dang time.
  • Great action throughout.


  • Disgusting bugs crawling out of Jamil’s mouth. It was good for the show, but not good for me. Eww.
  • Jamil/Boon’s deaths. I didn’t care too much about them, but they both made cute couples with Lourdes/Tector.

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