Teasers for HBO’s ‘Eastbound & Down’ Season 4 and ‘Girls’ Season 3

By August 19, 2013

Eastbound & Down - Girls

The surprising return of HBO’s comedy series “Eastbound & Down” is imminent with the premiere coming Sunday, September 29th at 10/9c. Just recently we learned that Lindsay Lohan would have a guest role as the daughter of one of the series’ main characters and that she was getting married sometime in the future. Now we have a tease of the new season, though it doesn’t have any actual footage from the show.

The melodramatic promo is pure Kenny Powers, who has always been full of himself. Though we’re not sure of many details of the new season, we do know that Kenny Powers (Danny McBride) has moved from Myrtle Beach to North Carolina, and he’s living there with his family, presumably April (Katy Mixon) and his toddler son Toby, a few years after he faked his death.

The season will also see guest stars like Ken Marino (“Party Down,” “Burning Love”) as a middle-aged athlete named Guy Young who still enjoys going out to the bars and having a wild time and Tim Heidecker (“Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job”) as Kenny’s neighbor, Gene, a man who is straitlaced and lacks any sort of humor, likely to become the brunt of much of Powers’ crude insults and words. We’re still pretty sure this will be the final season for the show, so we’re interested to see how this plays out.

In addition, an early teaser for the return of Lena Dunham’s acclaimed series “Girls” has arrived. The third season is still in production, and this teaser uses a montage of Instagram style photos of cast and crew from the set and the tune Break Out the Boom Boom by Robert ToTeras to hype the hip series returning in 2014.

Not much is known about the new season yet, and these photos don’t give us much more than some candid shots of cast members Lena Dunham (with a much better new haircut), Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Jemima Kirke and Adam Driver. One noticeable absence is that of Chris Abbott, who played Charlie on the show. At the end of last season, he and Marnie (Williams) were getting back together, but Abbott has left the show, and that loss will definitely affect how this new season progresses.

Williams told TV Line earlier this year that this season would have seen the “dissolution of their relationship,” but instead she says, “it’s almost as if we skipped her third season and have gone on to single Marnie,” and that “means that Marnie is now piecing herself back together.” As for what’s in store for the other characters, we’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

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