‘Terminator 5’ to Hit Theaters on June 26th, 2015

By June 27, 2013

If a summer could actually explode because of being too jam-packed with high profile, big budget, would-be blockbusters, the summer of 2015 would be a prime candidate. We just wrote about how busy that movie season already looks, and now we just received a press release from Paramount that states that the Terminator 5 will hit theaters on June 26th, 2015. For context, that’ll be after Star Wars: Episode VII and Assassin’s Creed, but before Independence Day 2 and Pirates 5.

The most interesting thing in all this is the press release refers to the movie as the “rebooted” Terminator movie and calls it “the first in a stand-alone trilogy.” Word is that Arnold Schwarzenegger is still involved, so how will that work if this is supposedly going to be a stand-alone project? Arnold’s presence will complicate an already-complicated franchise timeline if they end up bringing him back, but that’s only if the description of this being a stand-alone trilogy actually holds true. Perhaps their definition of “stand-alone” means that these films will tell a cohesive story that doesn’t necessarily hinge on the events of the first four movies, but works within its own parameters.

What does this mean for the recent rumor that The Rock could be involved in this franchise moving forward? Optimistically, it’s great news – this could mean that Dwayne Johnson could be the new Terminator in this trilogy, and if they do decide to take the story back to the point where a Terminator is sent further back in time to kill Sarah Connor’s parents, then it stands to reason that Arnie could show up as the human hero. I’m guessing he’ll need a little youth alongside him to compete with The Rock, but this could be the beginning of something big.

The only question now is: in a summer that’s already brimming with potential mega-movies, will this one be able to stand out? Time will tell.

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