‘Terminator Genisys’ Sequel Dropped From Release Schedule

By January 20, 2016

Could this be the end of the Terminator franchise as we know it? If these reports by Exhibitor Relations are true then it sure does look that way.

And based on the critical reception Terminator Genisys received, this might not be that upsetting to the general public. Unless they decide to reboot the franchise. Which is another article for another time…

Exhibitor Relations, thanks to some digging by Collider, first reported that the sequel to Josh Trank’s dismal Fantastic Four was also pulled from the release schedule so there is some consistency behind their report. This one in particular goes the same route – Paramount and Skydance, the studios and production companies behind Genisys, pulled the movie indefinitely offering up no change in date. Since the movie didn’t land exactly favorably with the only thing keeping it afloat – the fans – looks like this is yet another casualty of sorts. Like Fantastic Four and now Terminator, these were two movies that were “suppose” to hit and hit hard; launching new franchises that would continue with fans and box office receipts following.

It was back in October, as Collider notes, that Skydabce’s CCO Dana Goldberg assured fans that the sequel wasn’t on hold but was, rather, ‘re-adjusting.’ Whatever that means.

But if I may speculate… I think the franchise is on hold and nothing will be done. I worry that because the movie released at number 3 on the domestic box office, opening weekend, and because of the critical drumming it received, everyone has opted for the movie to “die.” for lack of a better word.

I was majorly disappointed with the latest movie and hoped for something better; didn’t we all. It wasn’t necessarily because of the movie – I felt the two leads in Jai Courtney and Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke were horribly miscast. And with the story, they REALLY tried to do something… different. It was a loose remake – or reset to use their words in the movie – and because of the confusing elements to such a story, it fell flat.

Terminator, at least the last three movies with Rise of the Machines, Salvation and then Genisys were not horrible – they became guilty pleasures for me. I loved the world and mythology and had fun revisiting the sub-par entries. I think I speak for a lot of the fans when I say – we just hoped the last one would have worked.

We will keep you posted on all Terminator updates — right here on GeekNation.

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