‘The Best Man Holiday’ Celebrates Massive Opening With Sequel Chatter

By November 19, 2013


While the success of Malcolm D. Lee’s The Best Man Holiday has been the subject of plenty of box office chatter (and more than a little bit of silly surprise), fans of the film and its original (1999’s The Best Man) knew that the feature would do big business at the box office. The film took fourteen years to make it to the big screen, but the first film that devoted fanbase and the return of the entire cast made it a must-see event for many people.

This is all a long way of saying that of course the film is now getting another sequel, though one that will hit screens with less time in between the first and second features.


Deadline Hollywood reports that Lee is currently negotiating a deal with Universal to write, direct, and produce another Best Man feature. There is no word on bringing back the cast, as the outlet reports that the film’s stars may not have contracts with options built in, so they will likely seek pay bumps for the next installment. (The film made over $30 million in its opening weekend and was reportedly made for just $17 million).

Potential pay negotiations aside, the next film will surely bring back the beloved cast, as it is the ensemble’s chemistry that really sets the films apart. Here’s hoping everyone can get what they want with this one.

And, while this certainly won’t seem like a surprise based on today’s news, but The Best Man Holiday very, very obviously sets up a plot for the sequel…

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Kate Erbland
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